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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

John Fights Sexism

I should have posted this on Sunday...

So Sunday we're driving back from the latest church service we could go to because we forgot all about daylight savings, and John was listening to a sports talk radio show. I know... I am the Best Wife Ever. But I digress...

The commentator of the show was talking about Natalie Randolph, who was hired by a DC school to coach... boys high school football. This woman (who of course was repeatedly referred to as a "girl" throughout the radio show by the commentator and call-ins) played for the DC Pro-womens' football team and is a science teacher. She was an assistant coach in DC for boys football at a different high school. But God forbid she attempt to be a head coach. I can't believe that people can't see the link between racism and sexism in our country. Most of the arguments made against her have been made towards African-American players and coaches in the past.

So this commentator (I'll refrain from the profanity- it's Lent after all), goes on a rant and then says he would have a huge problem with his sons being coached by a woman. He claimed that every father in his right mind would feel the same way. I was frothing at the mouth by this point, and when I hear crap like this, my natural response is to simply turn the freakin' radio or t.v. off so these idiots won't get the idea that this kind of stuff lures in listeners or viewers.

But John, God bless him, says "I wouldn't mind Eric being coached by a woman."
So I picked up my cell and called the show.

John was put on hold for about 10 minutes or so, and they never let him make any legitimate argument that might make the commentator look like a jackass, but John was on the air. And he did say he had no problem with Eric being coached by a woman in high school football.

So... way to go John and all the other non-bigots who called in. I say who gives a darn what gender someone is? Let's see what she can do. And I hope to God she blows the competition away in the fall!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010