Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KIds say the darndest things...

As you can see, I haven't been keeping up with this blog very well. This is a season of my life where I feel like my faith is being tested and is growing, but I don't want to get into details. I do, however, want to write about the kids. If nothing else, I want to keep records of things they are saying and doing. Here is the latest:

1- Eric is now speaking in complete sentences. He has a cold today and a horrible croup cough. Rachel is now sick too. After cleaning up vomit and wiping noses, I go into the living room to discover poop on the carpet. I'm not pleased.
"Who did this?"
Eric looked at the spot on the carpet. "Uh oh..."
"Did Rachel do this?" I'm talking out loud as I keep the kids away from it.
Eric looked down. "No."
I look at him. "Did you do this, hon?" Seriously, I'm not mad, just afraid someone might have gotten some on their little hands and now I'll be dealing with rotavirus.
Eric smiles. "Caillou did it!"
I look right him. "Caillou did NOT come into the house and poop on our carpet!!!"

2- Rachel is very violent to her favorite stuffed animal, a little pink bear that we call Binky. Everytime she gets it, she makes the poor thing sniff her feet, then she bites it, hits it, and throws it on the floor before body slamming the little guy. The last few times she has gotten Binky and started abusing it, Eric has said "Help!" for Binky as she bites and hits it. Guess Eric is our pacifist.

3- Yesterday John got Eric up in the morning, and Eric wanted to bring his favorite stuffed animal "Cat" and his Blankie downstairs. So Eric hands Blankie to Daddy. Then Eric hands Cat to Daddy.
"Oh no," John says. "You need to hold something too."
Eric looked right at him and said, "Too heavy."

4- I know Rachel loves me, but whenever I get her up she calls for Daddy and sometimes Laurie, a friend of ours who sometimes stays the night. Today was no exception.
Rachel looked at me. "Daddy?"
"Daddy's at work honey."
"Laurie?" (Sounds like Wha-Ree)
"Laurie's at work too."
(I'm gritting my teeth now) "Daddy's at work."
"Laurie's at work."
She looks at me for a second. "Mommy?"
[sigh] "Yes, Mommy's at work too." (Though how many times do people ask me when I'm "going back to work" as if I'm on vacation!)

5- Rachel has started scratching her behind at the top of her diaper. I'm guessing the fabric is irritating her skin, poor thing. So today I notice her scratching and say, "Here Rachel, let me get some cream for you."
Eric looks interested. "Rachel has owie?"
"Yes, Rachel has an owie on her butt."
Eric looks thrilled. "Eric kiss and make better!"
So I look over my shoulder and see him kissing her butt.*

Ah... kids.

* This is nothing compared to when my mom was babysitting Eric and before his bath, he was sitting on the potty complaining that his penis hurt. He also asked her to "kiss and make better." My mom called me and said, "I did not sign up for this!"