Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two kids down

Wow... Poor John. He's still at work, and it's 10:30 at night. I will be heading to bed shortly. This is the second night putting two kids down, though John got home in time to finish up with Eric last night. Ugh. I hate when he has projects due because he works from early in the morning until late at night. I feel sorry for him... and me of course. ;-)

So tonight I put Eric down early. Very early. Like 6:50pm early. He was a nut today. Don't know if it was the weather (all the crazy rain and the storm that came through) or just a "Bad Eric" day, but that boy was so giddy and violent. I hate having to discipline Eric at this age. He just doesn't get it. He hurts Rachel, and knows I don't want him to. But at this age he doesn't understand that he's hurting her or consequences/ punishment. He only understands that he gets a reaction when he's "Bad Eric."

So Eric went down about an hour early. Rachel, of course, had to fall asleep at 9:30. [sigh] And then... fireworks. LOUD fireworks. It sounded like they were going off right outside her room. And unlike Eric, she wakes up if I drop a cloth diaper on the floor; it's so frustrating. So the fireworks woke her up. And since I had nursed her for an hour and a half to get her to sleep, I was PISSED. Our town (each town in Fairfax county) has a festival around this time. Apparently Herndon started theirs tonight. I could have stomped to the fair grounds and killed someone. Grrrrrr

I think I would be more serene if I had more sleep. Going to bed now. :-)


Anonymous said...

How frustrating about the fireworks! We have a neighbor who likes to rev his engine late at night. Jerk. Lucky for us, that doesn't wake Evie up. What does wake her up is me going up the stairs, laughing or a piece of dust landing on her dresser.

Ask Moxie had a post about a toddler being violent with a newborn just today or yesterday or something, you might go read the comments and see if there is anything useful there. I hope John's project is done soon so that you can have bedtime help!

PG said...

I have friends with a newborn and a toddler boy who have to deal with a similar thing, although they seem to think that the boy just doesn't realize how strong he is (he's the kind that if a kid pushes him, he'll laugh and push back, thinking it's a game) and that he can really hurt her. Do you think Eric is aware that he's hurting Rachel?

emma said...

oh know there's more on saturday, too, don't you? & July 4th as well. My kids have slept through them so far - we've tried to wake ellie 2 years running (yes, we're nuts, but she adored them at disney). She slept through it even with me holding her upright for a minute or two. I gave up.