Sunday, January 2, 2011

When it rains...

I hope all of my 4 readers had a great holiday (Hi Mom!).

In case there are those of you out there who had a holiday like mine, I just want to say "2011 will be better!"

Two weeks before Christmas John's work had a lovely dinner cruise for their employees. We had our great friend Laurie babysit, and we went on the cruise. We saw our good friends and had a lovely three course meal. Then we returned home where I spent the next eight hours purging my stomach of said meal.

The next day John took the kids and I had a true day of rest. For those of you with two in diapers, you know how unheard of this is. It was almost worth getting violently ill... until my 20 month-old daughter decided to dump an entire roll of toilet paper down the commode downstairs and thus flood our basement. Ah the joys of home ownership and begging our insurance company to cut us a check so we didn't have to pay $1200 out of pocket right before Christmas.

For the next two weeks I passed the stomach bug from hell onto both kids and my husband, making for a lot of sleepless nights and laundry. During this we also hosted a baby shower for good friends from southwest Virginia who are expecting twins. I am thankful that no one got sick who attended the party.

When the week before Christmas finally came, I was looking forward to traveling to my parents' house where I hoped things would calm down a bit and feel more like the holidays. Unfortunately, my parents got sick two days before Christmas, and we once again spread holiday germs throughout the family.

Now it's January 2nd and things are finally quiet. The kids are healthy (really hoping that's the case because Eric hasn't been in preschool for three weeks), John and I are healthy and somewhat rested, and I'm hoping that 2011 will be a year of prosperity and blessing to you and yours. As for us I hope 2011 will be the year of successful potty-training. :-)

Cheers everyone, and Happy New Year.

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