Friday, June 15, 2012

Last day of school

When I was a teacher I couldn't wait for summer break.  The days leading up to the last day of school were exciting, and even though I missed my "kids" every year, I was so happy to finally get a break and do adult things like traveling and not having to worry about grading papers while on a date.

Now that I have young kids, the opposite is true.  I'm far more likely to have "me time" when the kids are in school.  So today was a sad, sad day for Mommy.

It was also a sad day for Rachel.  Her favorite person in the world is her preschool teacher "Miss Lena."  Several months ago I would ask her, "Mommy or Miss Lena, Rachel?"  And she'd giggle and say, "Miss Lena!" which resulted in tickles by Mommy as I feigned shock and disappointment.  Next year Rachel won't be in Miss Lena's preschool class of the "Friendly Frogs."  I took a picture of her saying goodbye.

This is Eric's first day of freedom, or in his opinion: utter boredom.  His teacher sent him home with a CD filled with horrendous preschool songs that are likely to cause cerebral aneurysm.  Most of them make the Barney theme song sound like Alice Cooper.  I want to shoot myself when Eric brings it into the car.

During nap time today, Eric played on the ipad and I got a video of him playing a game of basic math.  I have never taught him math, and I have no idea where he learned how to do it, but the kid blew me away:

He can also read, which I am still amazed at.  He's only four!  I hope he continues to love learning once he transitions out of preschool and into standardized testing.  I would like to take credit for Eric, but as I started to read around the 1st grade I give props to John's DNA over mine. 

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