Thursday, June 25, 2009

God always provides

... and when I'm feeling depressed I really should re-read this post.

So, I'm at home alone this morning. Eric is having a ton of tantrums, Rachel won't nap (what else is new?)... and the doorbell rings. I'm thinking it's Laurie who is coming back (thank you, Laurie!) to hang out and help with the kids until Sunday morning. So I tell Eric to go get the door and I trail after him nursing Rachel while wearing the Bjorn. And I see... 3 teenage boys standing there. Whoops. Detach Rachel and keep Eric from running out of the house while I answer the door.

Turns out they were looking for work. While John is great about mowing, I am horrible about pruning. I can't find my garden shears anywhere (ugh. I hate losing things in a move!), our bushes look terrible, we have mushrooms growing along our walkway. In short? Our yard is pathetic. And it doesn't help that our neighbors are empty-nesters who have immaculate lawns. So I tell them I'll pay them $10 each to prune the front and side bushes.

These boys not only brought their own shears and pruned the bushes, they also weeded the walkway, cleaned out the mushrooms, swept and cleaned up after themselves, AND took the bags of clippings with them! I told them to come back on Monday where they could tackle the backyard.

And I paid them $20 each. They were so happy. I am so happy. I remember having some seniors from Massaponax help me move once. I paid them in pizza. It makes me miss teaching with the over-abundance of cheap labor. I have a few more years before I can exploit my children. ;-)

God bless those boys...

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