Saturday, July 4, 2009

2 Quick Notes

1- I've become addicted to Rock Band. It's too bad I royally suck playing the guitar because it looks like it would be fun. I love the drums, however. Sucks I always get the mic. :-(

2- I'm cleaning and getting ready to host a BBQ tonight. I'm hoping to get some pics of the kids up. John's outside mowing, and Eric has decided to nap for 3 hours straight, God bless him. If only Rachel would discover the wonderful world of naps... :-(


Mrsklaser said...

The guitar is so much fun. Put the drum sticks down and pick up that guitar!

Jen said...

lol. One of my goals is to practice until I can play that guitar... maybe when Rachel finally starts sleeping through the night... :-)

Anonymous said...

Evie in the last couple of days is finally napping well! Praise the Lord! I'll enjoy it every single day that it lasts, I promise. :)