Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life in Bullets

(Thank you to Karen as I'm stealing her idea)

I've gotten a lot of people who have asked when my next blog entry is. I was working on something last week but time slipped away from me. The kids are (finally) in bed, but it's almost 9pm. And I want to watch Lie to Me and Castle (I love my DVR). So... here's what's been happening.

* My parents got back from Japan on Saturday. They had a lovely trip, but it is probably their last. They were able to stay the night and will be back next weekend so John and I can go to the Kansas City Chiefs game. Maybe Washington won't steal defeat from the jaws of victory yet again. Maybe.

* Rachel can sit up unassisted. While she can't pull herself into that position, her back and neck are getting stronger. I've also noticed her getting into a crawling position on her tummy. Only a matter of time before she's truly mobile. [sigh]

* Eric started saying "mama." Though he doesn't really get that it's MY name, he does understand that I love when he says it. So he says it a lot.
Me: "Eric, who am I?"
Eric: [proudly] "Dada!"
Me: "No."
Eric: [looking upset and confused]
Me: "I'm mama. Can you say 'mama'?"
Eric: "Mamamamama"

* I've started going to the gym again. I hand sanitize a TON before and after I pick the kids up from the child care place. So far so good!

* I've also started a bible study on Wednesdays. So I'm getting out of the house a lot more. Yay for getting out!

* And I just heard a big THUNK. Eric fell over the toddler rail and out of his bed. Boo for toddler rails.

* Rachel has started solids. She eats like a champ. We're on stage 1 foods, but she can finish off one of those containers in one sitting. It took Eric months before he could do that. She also likes chewing. Not sure what foods to give her so she can chew though. Eric choked a LOT so I'm terrified of her choking. I put some apple in one of those teether-bags but she wasn't that interested. Or maybe she hates apples.

And, really, that's all. Oh wait. A friend who's living in the UK may come into the DC area next month. It would be awesome to see her again. OK, that's all. Really.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love bullets? How predictable is that that Rachel will be an early mover? :) I love the Eric conversation...things are similar here but the opposite. J is usually "Mama" and once "Gaga." J said he prefers "Gaga" because at least it's different from "Mama" :) GO YOU getting into a Bible study! I need to do the same.