Monday, December 21, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas?

John was supposed to stay home from work today, as the federal government is closed. Unfortunately, he had to go in. I was hoping to have the whole family together for a fun snow day.

After talking to my mom this morning (my parents live in rural Virginia), I found out that their roads are still not plowed and may not be plowed for awhile. I was supposed to leave for my parents' house tomorrow morning and be home for Christmas, with John driving down on Christmas Eve.

So not only am I home alone with the kids (and we're running out of milk), I may be here for days. And all this disappointment and depression before I've even drank my morning coffee.

Mondays suck.


Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all that snow! My parents were scheduled to fly from Calif. to Va. yesterday and I am still wondering if they made it there . . . Hope it's not too depressing being housebound, and that you can enjoy fires in the fireplace or hot cocoa or nice Christmas music (or maybe all three :))

Jen said...

Thank you. Unfortunately we burnt all the wood Saturday and ran out of cocoa last night. No chocolate in the house... maybe THAT'S why I'm so depressed. ;->

Lynn said...

Oh bummer, no chocolate. This is indeed an emergency!