Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Tax Time...

I really hate tax season. I guess I hate it the way everyone does- fear of audits, afraid of making a mistake on the return, getting pissed off that the freaking printer always decides to stop working right before we have to print out the stupid return.

I also hate it the way only a mother of 2 toddlers can- I am watching the kids without a break on a Saturday. Ugh. I mean, I love my kids but I really look forward to the weekends when I can actually talk to an adult. And possibly sleep in.

I hadn't posted about this before, but we had some serious problems for the past 2 weeks regarding a leak from our only bathtub. The home warranty covered a plumber coming out to repair the problem, but there is mold in the dry wall underneath the tub. We are praying that the plywood under the tub doesn't have to be replaced, or we could be without a bathroom for awhile. Eric had no problem bathing Japanese-style in our shower for 4 days, but Rachel flipped out. The contractor comes back on Monday, right after Eric's speech and motor therapy session at the God-awful hour of 8 a.m.*

Basically, if I'm not posting, life is good. Or really, really bad.

On a happier note, tomorrow is Rachel's 1st birthday. We're having a smallish party here at the house. Rachel is walking everywhere now. Her favorite word is "uh-oh" followed closely behind by "yeah" and "bye." It's so interesting to see how quickly she learns language. Maybe it's because Eric is delayed, but seeing her mimic and repeat phrases so fast... makes mommy want to clean up her profanity.**

I hope to post pictures soon. I spent any free time I had today pruning bushes, doing laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning the kitchen. I really miss the good old days of relaxing weekends.

*I think she judges me for answering the door in my bathrobe. If she had 2 kids in diapers she would realize that after awhile you just don't give a crap.
**I'm not that bad... well, maybe when driving. But if you live in D.C. you understand. John has already mentioned (repeatedly, I might add) that when we get the inevitable phone-call from a teacher about bad language, I will be the one to have to go there and explain. I think he's being a bit dramatic.

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