Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The beach!

I have been MIA for a while now. My lovely daughter has decided that she is ready for only one nap a day. Of course, she is a mess without that second nap, but don't tell her that. So now Mommy has no time to post to her blog. After the kids go down at night, I am officially "Off Duty," which includes a glass of wine and/or chocolate and my HGTV fix. 12-hour days really suck. I tell my husband, "At least you can use the bathroom when you need to."

But I digress. We just got back from Myrtle Beach. Note to other bunchers out there, especially those who can't use a portable DVD player to turn the screaming munchkins into zombies: 8 hour car rides = hell on earth. And I don't care how many diapers you pack, you WILL run out.

Anyway, here are some cute shots.

Eric couldn't get away from his numbers, even at the beach. The boy is obsessed!

Rachel thought the salt water was pretty tasty!

Eric liked the water, but wasn't the fan that Rachel was.

Eric loved the idea of riding rides, but freaked whenever he actually got inside. Rachel, it turns out, is our fearless child.


Leah said...

Looks like Rachel is going red! I knew she was my kid! We won't tell John! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Rachel is such a little beauty, the perfect combination of you and John. Can't wait to see you guys soon!