Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yes, that's my kid...

When I was single, B.C.* I would go into grocery stores and inevitably I'd hear toddlers screaming their heads off about something. I would think to myself I wonder why those moms can't control their children.

Karma was listening. Stupid karma can read your minds, so anyone who's ever judged a mom and is considering having babies... you have been warned.

The kids and I made a Wegman's run today with Daddy. Usually, when Daddy comes to the store with us, Eric and Rachel have a grand old time. Especially Eric. Because when Mommy goes shopping, ALL babies go into the cart. But Daddy lets Eric run around. And this is when we ran into trouble. Because Eric decided to run around like a manic mobile air raid siren

Eric: "Choo-choo?? Choo-CHOO??!!!"
Mom: [audible sigh] "We will see the train as soon as I buy some fruit."
Eric sees the produce scale: "1-2-3!!! 1-2-3!!! Eric want!!!"

He ran into carts, people, and then tried to single-handedly knock over the planted herb table. So Mom decided that it was time to put Eric into the cart.

Eric: SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone stared. And I realize that karma sucks.

The only thing that stopped the crying was when we walked past the eggs. The eggs for goodness sakes. We never buy eggs because no one ever eats them.

Eric: "Eggs?"
Me: "What?"
John: "What?"
Eric: [sniffling at the injustice of riding in the cart] "Eggs?"
Me: "No, honey. We don't need..."

Then we finally got into line, and the woman in front of us was unloading groceries alone with her four young kids. God bless her. Someone always has it rougher than you.

*Before Children

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Anonymous said...

You are so right, Mommy Karma definitely exists. I try never to judge other moms these days because when I did it in the past, I always ended up in their shoes and it sucks. Evie's only thrown a fit once in a far. She's not even 2 yet after all!