Friday, August 17, 2012

Now if only I'd had more proposals like this...

Last night at bedtime...

Eric: Mommy, I want to marry you.
Me: That's cool.  Any idea what kind of ring will you buy me?
Eric: Gold.
Me: Awesome.  What color is the stone?
Eric: Red.
Me: Ruby or Garnet?
Eric: Garnet.
Me: Hmm.. that's a little cheap...
Eric: Ruby then.
Me: Great!  So what do you think?  Spring, winter, fall, or summer wedding?
Eric: Winter.
Me: That sounds nice.  Christmas weddings are pretty.  Should we get married in the daytime or the nighttime?
Eric: Daytime.
Me: With lots of wedding cake?
Eric: Yeah...
Me: Can we dance at our reception?
Eric: Ok.
Me: So... when do you want to get married?  This year?
Eric: [Exasperated]] No, Mommy!  I have to grow up first!

Just writing down every cute thing they say before Mommy forgets... :-)