Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You just can't argue with that logic...

Rachel is walking with a plate of plastic food.  She is heading straight for the bathroom.

Me: Umm... Rachel?  Where are you going?
Rachel: I'm going to feed Jesus cookies.
Me: Honey, Jesus isn't in the bathroom.
Rachel: But you said Jesus is everywhere.

SIGH.  Rachel: 1.  Mommy's spiritual instruction: 0


Anonymous said...

Answer you probably should avoid: Jesus is everywhere, because he's in us.
Because then every time she wants a cookie, she'll say it's for Jesus and you wouldn't want to tell Jesus he can't have a cookie, would you? :-P

Jen said...
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Jen said...

ROTFL. Laurie, this is why you are the *perfect* nanny. :-)