Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life in bullets, take 2 (0r 3?)

* Eric came up to me a couple of days ago with a very serious expression on his face.
 "Mommy?" he asked.  "Why does Santa come down the chimney?  Where doesn't he just come in through the front door?"
I said, "That's a good question, Eric!  When Santa comes to the mall, I want you to ask him that.  Then come back and tell me what he says."

* One of my oldest friends Kelly just moved to North Carolina.  And while I have 2 kids and no time to drive down, Kelly has one frightened cat and loads of free time (ok, maybe not "loads" of free time, but certainly more than me) and is willing to come and see me this weekend.  Yay!!!

* Rachel is adorable.  She is also willful and tries to push my buttons.  Her newest thing is using the bathroom after we put her to bed.  Then she hangs out in the bathroom naked, playing with the bath toys and talking to herself.  An example of her with a plastic Elmo figurine:
"Rachel?" says Elmo in a squeaky Rachel voice.
"Yes Elmo?"
"Have you washed your hands?" asks squeaky Elmo.
"No," answers Rachel.
"You NEED to," lectures Elmo.
"No!" screams Rachel.

And so on...  I wish I had a video camera for every time the kids create a cute dialog with their toys or do something cute.

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