Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today my best friend Mariko came over with her boyfriend John Lewis to open gifts and celebrate the holidays. She just flew in from Bolivia last night. And today I am deeply in her debt.

This morning, right after we put a feverish Eric down for his morning nap, my cell rang. It was Laurie, a friend of ours who was going to babysit tonight for my FIL's birthday dinner. My in-laws had changed the reservation day once already in order to accommodate our getting a sitter. Laurie was in tears because she had sprained her ankle and couldn't come. Plus, she didn't know how she was going to drive home for the holidays. Poor thing...

So we started making calls and everyone was busy. God bless Mariko and Lewis! They volunteered to babysit for us. I'm grateful to them and grateful that Eric was no longer sick by the time we left. I wouldn't wish last night's Eric trauma on my worst enemy.

At dinner tonight, we talked about baby names with my in-laws. They liked Erin, but had the same reservations that most people have- namely (no pun intended) that "Eric" and "Erin" are just so close. We discussed names, and a few names came back up that John and I had previously rejected. So after a discussion with John, I redid the poll with our top picks, including middle names we're considering. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. We are truly stumped.

Mariko and I had a few hours to catch up. I loved being able to see her. I know I'll see her again soon, but it just sucks to have someone you love so far away... It seems like all my good friends leave far from me.

P.S.- I won't see Mariko again until August. M- stay safe and we miss you!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry Eric is sick! Give him hugs from his godmommy. I'm glad you were able to see Mariko and how sweet of her to babysit for you, that's a true friend. Funny about the name feedback from the ILs. Looking at your poll with middle names I didn't know what to pick! I think you should choose Erin if you really love it best, but I don't think Katherine goes with it, the endings are too similar and makes it sound rhymey. Any other middle names for Erin? How about Francis so that her monograms would say eLf :) :) :)

Feener said...

hope he is feeling better soon. thanks for your comment. yes all that alone time when i was single and i wished it away. now i am sure i will kick myself for wishing any minute of my girls being this age away....ahhh life. need to live in the present.

Anonymous said...

Finding babysitters is rough! Especially when family is not available (or you need it for adult time WITH family!) Yeah for Mariko!

Ok.. I voted for Karen Elizabeth. I agree with Karen.. the Erin Katherine sounds too rhymey (sp?) Erin Elizabeth sounds better though! (I practiced it.. that would be a good yelling name!)

Jen said...

Thanks for all the comments. Eric won't nap again today, but he still seems sick. Odd.

Feener- Living in the present: the one thing I need to learn to do! The time passes to quickly.

Kellymb and Karen- I never thought about the endings for Erin and Katherine, but you're right. John and I thought about Erin Elizabeth, but then thought 'Her initials will be EEL!' :-)