Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In Response to Not Having a Christmas Tree

I really liked Kelly's suggestion of moving things around in our townhouse in order to accommodate having a Christmas tree. John and I talked last night and found a way to actually put up our tree in the living room. But today two things happened that changed my mind-

1- I realized how much time and effort it would take to put up the tree
2- (And this is the most important) I realized our tree had been sitting outside in the shed for a year with lots of little critters, and I didn't want to invite those things into our house with Beastling. This became very real to me when I woke up this morning and was greeted by a spider sitting on top of the banister to our stairs. Probably from my getting our Christmas decorations down the night before.

So last night I put up our ceramic tree on top of an end table. It looks nice, even if that side of the room looks plain.

And Eric saw it lit up tonight and squealed with delight. He then tried to find a way to it. Probably in order to put the tiny lights into his mouth. I had to take a picture...

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Anonymous said...

I can understand the creatures problem, especially with a little one! He is getting so big!!!