Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What kind of Christmas?

I have always loved Christmas- the festive lights, the holiday shopping (I know; I'm odd that way), putting up the tree and decorating the inside and outside of the house... However, this year due to Beastling and lack of funds due to the new house, we are cutting back. I don't mind cutting back on presents. That's a no-brainer. But we don't have the room in our tiny townhouse for our artificial tree this year, mostly due to the fact that our downstairs looks like Babies R Us vomited up their entire toy section. With no tree, I just don't feel very Christmasy. And even though John got paid yesterday(?) over half of the check is gone due to the home inspection and rent. I am just wondering how the next few months are going to be with all of these financial constraints to deal with. I know I have to leave everything in God's hands... I just feel depressed right now thinking of all the things I would love to do but can't.

(And it would also help if Beastling would have napped for more than 45 minutes this afternoon. He's been awake for awhile now. I know I should go get him. Knowing another baby will completely obliterate any "me" time I could have on a daily basis for checking email or doing a quick cleaning is also depressing.)


Kelly said...

What about putting the tree in the dining room are.. where the computer desk is?
I am just like you.. I LOVE decorating for Christmas! We sqeeze our 7.5 ft tree in a corner between the couch and entertainment center. Probably not the best place for it but the room is small. I have some pictures of the tree up on the blog!

Jen said...

I saw your pics and just loved everything... It looks really good hon. Unfortunately there's no room near the computer desk. :-(