Friday, January 2, 2009

And the winner is...

After much debate, we almost decided on Erin Elizabeth, but I just finished reading "Siblings without Rivalry" (an awesome book- thanks Karen!) and really felt that Erin was too close to Eric. I want them to feel like they have their own identities and are unique. So... even though I'm still calling her Erin at times (old habits die hard), we really like Rachel. Now I have to come up with a middle name. lol. Rachel Elizabeth?? Everyone likes Elizabeth.

As I'm sure you read in my last post, my damn computer broke yet again, and we (meaning John) haven't had a chance to take it in to the mac store in the craziness that is Tyson's Corner mall. Same shit, different month- they'll just erase the hard drive as per usual without bothering to figure out why it crashes every damn time I download either the newest version of itunes or the newest security updates. This is either the third or 4th time I've had to deal with this. Bloody hell. You'd think I had some pc running vista. At least I saved all of Eric's pics on my camera and we have a backup hard drive from when the damn mac crashed six months ago. Still, I'm sure I lost pictures and that pisses me off (not that I have time to scrapbook- I'll probably be doing the kids scrapbooks when I'm 60).

I need to update my blog. It's hard when I have to fight my geek husband for the one computer that works in our house. I've thought about starting a new blog that I can simply vent on with anonymity and not caring who reads it or what people say. I think I'll call it "Bad Mommy." That or "Mommy Needs a Drink." (and a nap)

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Anne said...

I love Rachel Elizabeth!
LOL, sorry, the blog name "Mommy needs a drink" is already taken, or will be, by me! :)