Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're Home Owners!

We finally closed on our house today. I need to actually post photos, but since we need to do cleaning and some painting, I'm going to wait to post the indoor shots.

What a nightmare to finally get to closing though. We wired a lot from money from one of John's investment accounts to help us pay closing costs. I had to call the settlement grooup twice to find out if they got the money. Two people told me they had,. Then this morning we get a phone call that the money hadn't arrived so John had to call Fidelity and get confirmation that the money had gone out. THEN the settlement company calls to tell us that yes, they DID get the money... Craziness. We didn't get a copy of the closing documents until 7pm last night. 60 pages. So much for having time to look over everything. Thank God my folks are here. What a life-saver! Can you imagine a mobile one year-old at an office while papers are signed for 2 hours?

Anyway, thanks to everyone who called today and offered congrats. We won't be moving until February 21st because we have the townhouse until then and want to move smaller things over a bit at a time. I am excited to finally move next month. I love moving... it feels like a chance to start over. Must be an ex-military brat thing. :-)


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Congratulations! I know how to time it, don't I? :) When you tried to call me back at first, my Mom and I were trying to comfort a screaming Evie in the middle of JC Penney portrait studio. We only got one good shot. :)

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