Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally- pics of bedrooms!

Craziness and chronic leg and back pain have made it hard to upload the last of the new house pictures I took over a week ago. Basically when Eric naps, I have to lay down or I literally can't walk for more than 20 minutes at a time. I can only hope that once Rachel is born, the pain stops. Because pain like this coupled with the sleep deprivation of having an infant would be too much!

So anyway, here are the pics! :-)

Eric drives Daddy's car when he comes home from work. (OK, he's actually just sitting on John's lap as John coasts the car into the garage as I open the garage door for them because we only have one garage door opener that works!)

Eric's room. The blue blinds came with the house.  Unfortunately, it doesn't really go well with anything, but once Eric gets older he can pick out his own bedroom stuff (which will hopefully be blue!).

Rachel's room.  John picked out the black furniture, which goes really well with the cherry blossom theme.   The red blinds came with the room.  I think she has the best room in the house.

The master bath- redone and very nice. But I wish we had a jacuzzi tub as opposed to a giant shower.   And I have a cameo in the mirror to the medicine cabinet.
BTW- this is the second bathroom in the house that's blue. Blue. Ugh. But it's very nice. Love the double sinks!

Our master bedroom. Furniture courtesy of Room Store. :-)   It has a Japanese theme- big surprise!  ;-)  We have been sleeping on a full size bed for years, and now finally have a king. When you're 35 weeks pregnant it's GLORIOUS! :-)


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm...a king bed, how lovely! Rachel's room is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Rachel's room is gorgeous! I love the bedding and furniture!

So sorry that you are not feeling well. Rachel will be here soon, and hopefully the leg and back pain goes away.

Love you!