Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thank you, Kelly!

This morning there was a huge consignment sale hosted by FCMOM here in Virginia.  I actually hadn't heard anything about it until Kelly sent me an email (from Missouri!) telling me about the sale.

SO glad I went!  I found a double stroller that fits into the back of my Honda Civic for only $60! Most double strollers retail for $300-$600.  I also got a Graco playpen that has the bassinet- diaper station (our Rainforest play-yard was recalled so I needed another one), and a Boppy.  I saved a ton of money!  Thanks, Kelly!

I finally have the upstairs organized.  All boxes have now been unpacked.  STILL missing a box of Eric's clothes, it's the weirdest thing.  The office looks great, except for my scrap-booking space which is a built-in desk inside one of the closets.  I love the space, but right now it has pictures, CDs, paper, and a ton of other stuff just lying everywhere.  I really hope I get a nesting high before labor with Rachel so I can get that space organized.  I had no such burst of energy with Eric.  

I took pictures of the upstairs to add but haven't had a chance to add them yet.  I hope to soon... Maybe tomorrow?  


PG said...

"Mothers of Multiples," where multiples is defined only as the results of a multiple birth pregnancy, seems kind of restricted. There have to be plenty of Moms of Multiple Kids Under Three (MOMKUT) who have similar issues.

emma said...

too funny! I worked the sale, but didn't see you there :) (worked as a volunteer to get early entrance - no multiples in my future .. that i'm aware of!) Love the pic of the house - will have to live vicariously through you!