Monday, April 20, 2009

Losing weight after baby

I seriously could care less that I have 20 pounds to lose. I mean, my God, I just had a baby. But on Saturday I had to go for an emergency doctor's appointment- pink eye of all things (thank God no one else got it). So I'm at one of those Urgent Care clinics with Rachel, who's only 1 week old, filling out paperwork. The woman behind the counter asks how old Rachel is.

"1 week," I tell her.
"Wow," she says. "And you're pregnant again?"

Now, keep in mind this woman is supposedly a health care "professional" not some random moron at Wal-Mart. I wanted to smack her, or at the very least tell her that I only have one uterus, thank you very much. Everyone looks at least a little pregnant after having a baby. I would assume this chick had seen women after giving birth before.

And then, wouldn't you know... when I go to CVS to pick up my prescription, I get the exact same thing!! Verbatim: "How old's your baby... wow, you're pregnant again!" What am I, a rabbit?

I'm not the most patient of people, and I have a pretty caustic tongue. If I get something like that again, what should I say? Anyone have an idea on a pithy retort that won't put the pathetic individual in therapy?


Mariko said...

I think you should say what you had in your blog "What am I a rabbit?" haha

Or maybe
"We're hoping for twins"

Super Ninja Mommy said...

oh yeah, your baby's a week old and not only are you pregnant again, but pregnant enough TO BE SHOWING! lmao

Those people are so dumb it's funny. I wouldn't even get mad, I'd just look at them like the idiots they are and say "What? Are you SERIOUS?"

Anonymous said...

How about, "no, this is a beer gut" or more seriously "my uterus is still recovering." I can't believe people are such idiots! I'm sorry hon. This is why "they" tell you to stay home for 6 weeks. Not to protect Rachel, to protect yourself from morons. :(

PG said...

"Yeah, I took the same thing as Bristol Palin that enables me to get pregnant instantaneously after childbirth" ... (OK they'd have to be a conspiracy-theorist Democrat to get that one, but at least you could leave them really puzzled.)

Anonymous said...

Some people are just idiots. I can not believe that happened twice on the same day though! And that one was a "health care professional" is really sad. I still looked pregnant a week after giving birth as well (When I went out a week after having Megan, to our 10 year reunion, I had people asking when I was due. At least I did not have her with me!)