Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nap Issues

What toddler doesn't have nap issues?

Eric is ready for one nap. More than ready. The problem is he won't give up his morning nap, and when I try to push it back, he just resists. Eric will sometimes skip his afternoon nap, but as he's teething now, when he does skip it, he's a total pill. Oh, and runs into things and cries for hours on end. This is not fun. Of course, when he doesn't skip the afternoon nap, he sleeps too late and acts like a grouch until bedtime. [sigh] I've heard the transition to one nap is a long one, so I guess I should just count my blessings that I can put my kid in his crib for 2 hours and he doesn't cry or scream. God bless him. Mommy needs a nap, even if he doesn't.

And, no, Rachel hasn't arrived yet. I've hoping she doesn't arrive today though. I'm sure there are thousands of Americans who are born on April Fool's Day who would say they never had a problem, but I would rather she wait until tomorrow. With a last name like "Loizeaux" she's going to have enough trauma in life as it is. :-)

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