Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Season Tickets

So after 7 years, John finally got off the waiting list for Redskins season tickets. So now the question becomes, do we buy them?

The good thing about buying now- it's cheaper than it will probably be next year (or 10 years from now when we would get off the waiting list yet again). It will be easier to upgrade to more seats (4 seats, for example). ;-) And we could sell tickets we can't use, because with 2 kids under 2, how many games would we be able to see anyway?? (Can you say ebay Cowboys tickets? Heck, that could pay for about 40% of the season ticket cost right there!)

The bad thing about buying now is the cost. At $2100 we would be paying for the tickets over the next few months. This would hurt our budget. Sadly, a plasma t.v. would be cheaper (just not a 65 inch one). We also couldn't attend a ton of games with getting a baby-sitter and me breast-feeding (plus a lot of the games this year are Monday night games. Figures).

What do you guys think? We LOVE football. We love the Skins... Just don't like spending that kind of money. But who does?? ;-)


Kelly said...

This is a tough one. I say go for it. Even if you end up selling 90% of the tickets for the next couple of years you will still be able to attend SOME games, and as the kids get older you will be able to attend more. And like you said.. it might be ANOTHER 10 years before you can get off of the waiting list again.

serabbit said...

It is a tough decision. Jon's dad just dropped his season tickets. Some things to consider...

- From the 1:00 games you won't get home until after 7:00 and you'll need to leave around 10:30 to get there for kick-off. So, if you are willing to spend that much time to just see a game that's fine, but probably better to make "an event out of it" as Jon would say i.e. tailgate before and maybe after

- More and more people are dropping their season tickets. It use to be 20 or 30 years on the waiting list. Dan Snyder is doing everything he can to lose season ticket holders including dramatically increasing the price of tickets, requiring a parking pass and paying full price for pre-season games.

- NFL games have not become the most family friendly place. The language and people trying to start fights is crazy.

- The parking people encourage the cars in the parking lot that are leaving to hit the pedestrians leaving the game trying to walk to their cars/shuttle bus stop.

All that being said... I love going to the games, but it's a hastle and literally an all day thing and you sit in traffic for more time than you are at the game. Jon hates how from the 1:00 games he doesn't get home to see any of the 4:00 games on tv.

If you can go to a few games and sell the rest that may be the best option. That way you still get to go to some of the games and have more options down the road to get more tickets etc. Who knows maybe one day they will move to a better stadium and design a reasonable way for traffic to flow so it doesn't take up the entire day to go to a game!! :o)

Sorry for writting a book.