Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update on Mirena

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I posted abut Mirena a few days after getting the IUD inserted. It was a quick post, eloquently titled "Mirena Sucks."

Most of you also know that I am a part of a yahoo group of DC Metro Mommies who post messages, ask questions, and hang out whenever we can lose the guilt of getting away from the kids and coughing up the $10 an hour for a sitter. About a week ago, a woman posted a message asking for advice on whether or not she should get Mirena inserted. Since I now have about 6 weeks of living with the device, I thought I should give her my comments. I have copied and pasted the comments I sent to the group below because 1)I'm a closet narcissist and 2)it's damn funny.

(Note- KC I hope this one really makes you laugh!)

I just got Mirena inserted about 4 weeks ago. So far I'm up in the air as to whether or not I made the right choice for me. Here's my (short-term) experience though, for what it's worth...


1-No more Pill (allergic to latex) and since I got pregnant with number 2 while on the Pill, I needed something that I didn't have to remember taking. I have 2 kids under 18 months. I do NOT want another one!

2-According to my OB/GYN it is as effective as getting one's tubes tied. This is good, since I get pregnant if DH looks in my direction (See #1)

1-It hurt like hell getting inserted. For some reason this surprised me, though it shouldn't have considering they hold open your cervix with what amounts to an industrial-sized pair of pliers while shoving plastic into your uterus. It reminded me of the middle part of first stage labor. I also was in some pain walking for a few hours afterward. This could be because I had to go home and chase after my toddler while DH sat on the couch and checked his email.

2-I bled a LOT for the first two weeks. The nurse gave me a thin panty-liner when I left the office. I asked her "Will I bleed a lot from this?" Her answer was "Some women have some spotting." HA! I bled through my undies and shorts while waiting for the nice men to bring my car around at the free valet service at Reston Hospital. The bleeding continued for a few days, like a normal period, then stopped. 'Thank God,' I thought. Then... surprise! It came back. I had about 3 periods every 2-3 days. It seems to have stopped now though.

3-Every month you have to be comfortable with checking the plastic wires coming out of your cervix. I've tried and for some reason I can't feel the wires. So either I'm an idiot who's forgotten how to find my cervix or the crazy thing has dislodged, in which case I'm screwed (see #1 "Pros" again).

I couldn't tell you if it's the right choice for you, but wanted you to have some good info, even if there is a lot of TMI stuff. I think in the long term, if it stays in place, I'll be happy I did it. Until I have to get removed. I'll bring tequila to that appointment

And I swear if Mirena doesn't work, DH (who's been dragging his feet about getting a vasectomy) will be presented late one night with me carrying some chloroform and "Home Vasectomies for


PG said...

Thanks for the update. You didn't specify exactly HOW painful the insertion was in your prior post, so this longer post is really helpful. Since part of why I want contraception is to avoid the pain of the first stages of labor, I think I'll be sticking to Pill and prayer -- I'm wussy just about the pap smear pinch!

Leah said...

Okay, so I'm not a mommy or pregnant, etc., but I thought that was hilarious! Sorry it hurt so much, but hopefully it'll work for you. If not, I'll get Todd and Billy to get DH really drunk and convince him they are going to the new bar "Dr. Snippy's". Maybe he and Billy can go together and get a 2 for the price of 1 deal. I need Todd whole for a while longer yet! :-)

Jen said...

PG- Mirena makes the Pap Smear pinch feel like an Elmo Tickle. ;-)

PG said...

And then there's the input of a commenter on this article: 'don't gloss over the insertion in a "virgin" uterus--it was excruciating. The reason for recommending IUD's for women that have had children is that the opening of the cervix has been breached and the insertion is easier, described as a "slight pinch." For me, though, it was like my body was being ripped in two. A horrible experience.'

Even the withdrawal method starts sounding like a good idea in comparison.

Leigh Anne said...

I'm on Mirena too. The insertion was uncomfortable, did your doc use a shot to numb you first? That was the worst for me, but the rest was cramping and an unbearably long period. I'm talking March to July. But I couldn't take the pill because of migraines and I've tried the shot and condoms got us our new baby boy, so Mirena it is!

Jen said...

Leigh Anne- You mean they had shots to NUMB you first??!!

Good grief. No one told me. :-(

Leigh Anne said...

Oh my gosh! I thank God the doctor did that first because the shot alone hurt like hell! They give you a shot directly in your cervix and then do the insertion. My dr said that her colleague doesn't use the shot and she's heard patients scream! It should be a REQUIREMENT!