Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guys, I'm not depressed. Really.

Seriously, this year is looking up. Or maybe it's all the steroids I'm on to deal with my eczema flare-up. But with all this energy, who cares??

OK, so here's the short and sweet version:

1- Doctor's appointment went well. The doctor (I'll call her D) walks in and says "I haven't seen you in awhile! I've been wondering how you were..." (sees my skin)... "Okay. So... back for steroids?"
She wrote not 1, not 2, but 5 prescriptions. The student intern with her just stared at me bug-eyed as D filled out the little pads of happiness and joy. D was telling her, "Now, normally, we don't give cortisteroids for eczema flare-ups, but as you can see, Jennifer is an extreme case." And I just thought, 'That sums me up pretty well. Extreme case.'

2- I'm a part of a local yahoo Mom's group, and I finally got to a Mom's Night Out. This month is was at the Melting Pot, my favorite restaurant in the world. I think John and I must go once a month... But this did not work in my favor for a couple of reasons...
A) I was a little high on the drugs, and therefore more assertive and verbal than usual.
B) I couldn't keep my big mouth shut about all the fondues that suck and I think I may have pissed off some people... or it could be that I'm paranoid because of all the drugs.

... I'm starting to see a theme here. Maybe I should title this one "High on Steroids" and see how long it is before Child Protective Services comes to my door to take away the kids. Then I can either show them to prescriptions and be like "Haha CPS!! It's LEGAL!" or say, "Can you take them for, like, a couple of days so I can get some sleep??!!"

3- I was prescribed some Benedryl-type pills so when the steroids wear off I CAN get some sleep. Last night I settled down with a glass of wine and started to take those pills.

I said, "I can take 1-3 depending on the itch. I think I'll take 3."
John [looking up from the computer]: "Are you supposed to mix that with alcohol?"
Me: "No. So... 3, you think?"
John: "I would take 1 and see how you do..."
[I pop 3 pills in my mouth]
John: [sighs] "Okay..."

I have such a nice husband. And I actually slept for 6 consecutive hours!!!! See, this is why I can never take those butterfly-vampire sleeping pills because I would get addicted. OK, so I was still tired when I woke up, but after taking the steroids, I was fine.

What number am I on again?

4- Tomorrow John and I head to Baltimore to stay in a hotel on the Harbor (which we wouldn't normally do, but the rooms are like 70% off with this party-group discount, when they're normally $350 a NIGHT. How ridiculous is that??? $350 a NIGHT??!! Maybe if the room came with your own cook, butler, and a free massage...). Hopefully, we'll get some much-needed down time. His company is having their holiday party and since my birthday is coming up, my folks are once again being incredibly generous and watching the kid for us. I'll have to post some pictures. Especially if I can manage to shove my hips into the awesome pre-preggers dress I want to wear. Stupid steroids make you gain weight... Wait! I know...

Starvation diet!!

Kidding. Really.

I love chocolate too much.


PG said...

$350 is really high. We stayed at a Vegas hotel in a suite 150 sq. ft. larger than our apartment, and even that was $200. (I figured out that if we only stayed there Monday-Friday and camped in the desert on weekends, the hotel would be no more expensive than our monthly mortgage + condo fee + property taxes, but my husband didn't go for it.)

I say enjoy the drugs while you have them. These days the government is so suspicious of even over-the-counter purchases (LOVED that episode of "Glee"), it's like our patriotic duty to get as much as possible from a legal high.

Jen said...

I couldn't agree more. Then I went on the Wiki and found out that steroids are addictive. Who knew? ;-)

Too bad they don't trust me with refills.

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up, thanks for the laughs (especially about your MNO)! Glad to hear you're addicted, but not depressed :)