Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Time of My Life or I Need to Get Out More

Have you ever wanted to relive the last few days of your life? Whenever I have an awesome weekend (it's usually the weekend), and I know I'm about to head back to work or into the normal stress of my life, I wish I could just take a giant remote and rewind my life. I would definitely rewind to last Friday afternoon. Then I could have the whole glorious weekend once again in front of me. My only complaint about last weekend was that we didn't get another 2 feet of snow. Because then I'm pretty sure I could have talked John into staying in Baltimore an extra day.

After dealing with a few errands and meeting up with some of John's old friends, we headed into Baltimore. Traffic was good, and we checked in a little early. This was important, as I had requested a $20 cheese plate* to be delivered to our room as a way of celebrating the beginning of our mini-vacation away from kids. This hotel was pretty darn expensive, and I had made a point to request a feather-free room ahead of time. I called, I got an email confirmation, and then I emailed again to make sure poor John wouldn't have to check all the pillow tags by hand.

We check into the room and... have feather pillows.

Back downstairs to the front desk. I giggled that we should have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. When I explained** that we had feather pillows, they saw the multiple requests on their computer, apologized profusely, and sent us to another room 2 floors up from the previous one. We made sure the cheese plate would make it upstairs because you don't want to spend $20 and not get any food, and then headed on up.

We waited outside of the room for about 10 minutes, but felt so grateful that we were in a public place without the kids we could have waited for an hour and not cared. A sweet woman named T knocked on the door next to ours with chocolate and wine. I smiled and told her how good that looked. She laughed and said that she loved delivering chocolate. Since I love eating chocolate, I thought we could be soul-mates, but I was afraid John might get the wrong idea.

When we finally get into the room, the cheese was delivered right on time... with a fruit tray and wine. ?? So I call down and they said everything was correct, so I enjoyed getting free wine and fruit. About an hour later, there's a knock on the door. It's T- with free chocolates and wine. I LOVED this hotel, guys. We packed 2 bottles of wine and checked out of the hotel with 3. And the cheese and chocolates never showed up on our bill. AWESOME!

One more small thing...

We decided to eat at a tapas place that had free shuttle service to the restaurant and back. While waiting for the shuttle a white stretch limo pulls up. I make a comment about how it must be nice to ride in a limo. We didn't even have a limo for our wedding... So we walk outside and... the limo WAS the shuttle service.

I got pictures to prove it.

Then I got a little drunk and this was the view from lying prone on my back from the seat.
(The car was moving. I swear I wasn't that drunk)

[sigh] Life really should have a rewind button...

*$20 is ridiculous I know, but when you don't have to change dirty diapers for 48 hours, it feels like you've been released from prison. So it's ok to splurge.
** I really was nice about it. I mean, this happens ALL THE TIME to me, so I would be shocked if I ever checked it and it didn't have down pillows and blankets everywhere. Down must feel awesome because every hotel in the world has it.

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Anonymous said...

Love the drunk pic! :) And yes, down is awesome. And sure, you didn't have a limo at your wedding but you had a trolley! Isn't that better?