Friday, January 8, 2010

I was a better blogger last year

I was reading over some old posts and thinking 'Wow. I actually wrote a ton and some of it was even funny!' Another child later...

I'll keep this one brief because I have no time today. Kids still have a bad cough from their Christmas cold. Eric isn't napping or sleeping well at night. Turns out that Eric was found eligible for services for language delay, etc. Still don't know if this is covered through our insurance though. And we didn't put a ton on the Flex card because we had way too much on it this year.

I've been having panic attacks at night. I'll wake up consumed with worry and can't go back to sleep. For some reason I'm having trouble napping during the day when the kids actually have overlapping naps. I just can't sleep. If anyone out there could say a prayer for me, I'd be grateful!


Kelly said...

Lots and lots of prayers!

Anonymous said...

Prayer said. Thinking of you a lot, too. (((Hugs)))