Sunday, April 3, 2011

This post is dedicated to my high school sweetheart, not in a forlorn kind-of way, but because he has pictures of when I ACTUALLY looked cute!

Day 37- A picture taken at school.

I had nada, people. Nothing to show you. Which is kind-of ironic considering I have spent pretty much my entire freaking life at school, either as a student or a teacher. I know I have one lousy shot of me actually teaching my first year at Massaponax. I was 23 and had red, inflamed skin thanks to being allergic to food. I looked like an emaciated lobster. I'm pretty sure the picture was taken by a student who was attempting to blackmail me for a better grade. To ensure I kept my high moral standards as a teacher (and also to keep it out of the school paper), I smiled politely and allowed him to take the shot. The student then mysteriously disappeared, and my "Ashes of Problem Students" vase got a little heavier.

And who takes picture of themselves when they're IN school? Teenagers. But those pictures are buried in albums deep in the closet of my old bedroom at home.

I know I have a few shots of me at drunken parties at college, but here's hoping that those never surface, or my dreams of becoming a rep for my homeowners' association will go out the window. That was sarcasm. Which I was supposed to have given up for Lent....

So I had nothing to show for my 25+ years of public education. Then I check the comment section on my last post. Wouldn't you know... my ex from high school has old pictures. I found one of my old dachshund Alex. Then I checked the album, and holy crap!
I... was... YOUNG!!! Really young. I don't remember ever being that young.
And while I didn't get his permission, I'm hoping that Patrick isn't too upset. I mean, he made the mistake of giving me the link... And look at our HAIR!
I have no idea who took this picture of us at school, in what I suspect is my junior year of high school. But God bless them for making me smile.

And God bless Patrick for keeping the pictures.


Patrick said...

Your post made my day. :) I'm glad my digital packrattery makes someone happy other than vendors of computer storage products.

The picture is from December, 1992 -- your junior year. The fuzzy basket next to us is my egg baby, from health class. I remember that because that stupid baby kept wandering off, dragging down my grade, and (I am not making this up) keeping me from being valedictorian two years later. I would guess that Andy or Lisa took the picture. And yes: you are welcome to do whatever you like with those high school-era pictures.

Jen said...

See, as I recall, you didn't do a health project. And when I nagged you about it, you claimed your grade could handle the inevitable "F" that would follow.

Just another example of how women are always right. Of course, you have 2 women in your home who remind you of that fact every day... ;-)