Friday, October 28, 2011

He said WHAT??

After dropping Rachel off at preschool this morning, Eric began babbling about his own preschool experiences. There are about 12 kids in Eric's class this year. Last year Eric at this time, Eric could barely speak coherently. After a few months, he started gushing about a girl named Katie. He called her "cute" and then giggled.*

This year it seems Eric is once again enjoying the company of the girls more than the boys. I was only half-tuned into what he was actually saying, as I was concentrating on the Northern Virginia idiots who cannot drive, when I heard Eric say this:

"Mom, I love Katie."

I was taken aback for about 3 seconds.

"Oh. Ummm... that's really nice, Eric. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that."

Brief pause (probably for effect in order to give me a heart attack). Then:
"Today I'm going to tell Katie that I love her."

And that's when my heart stopped as I envisioned a sudden wedding proposal and booking reception halls for the rehearsal dinner (and I thought Gymboree was hard to book for birthdays!). Then I got a grip, smiled, and realized that Eric would probably forget all about declaring his undying love once he got pizza for lunch.

It's a fun age, three and a half. Except for the lack of naps, tantrums, and the God-awful whining...

In other news, Rachel is also speaking more fluently. Preschool has really sharpened her speech and increased her vocabulary. It's so much easier to understand what she's saying. She imitates her brother in everything. Even the high-pitched whining. Especially the high-pitched whining.


Repeat after me: It goes by quickly. It goes by quickly...

*Katie really is adorable BTW. She is called "Katie Bug" by her teachers, and Eric has adopted the name. The reason why? She is the most cuddly kid on the planet. When I visited his school last year, she came over and plopped down on my lap and stayed there until I literally had to walk out the door. I wish I had a picture...

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