Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House Tour- Part 2

Eric has now mastered the art of going downstairs backwards. Unfortunately, he sometimes wants to try "forwards" so every time he heads for the stairs, 34-week pregnant mommy has to chase him down and has a minor heart attack.

Eric: "Come and see my basement, guys. Mom and Dad are under the impression that it's theirs...

"... but as you can see, it's not."

The guest bathroom, which is on the opposite end of the basement from the guest bedroom. Don't ask.

Taking a picture of the guest room would have required me to go through the laundry room, which I don't want Eric near, so... if you want to see the guest room, come on over and spend the night (and do some laundry while you're here). ;-)

And... waiting for dada to come home. :-)

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