Sunday, February 22, 2009

New House

I need to post pics, I know, but with things still in boxes, I don't feel comfortable with that. So... maybe in a week (month)? ;-)

We moved in yesterday, and although I love the house, I don't feel like it's "home" yet. I'm disappointed about this. Eric is also fussier than usual, but thankfully is sleeping well at least for now. His new trick is to try to open the beautiful, stainless steel refrigerator and climb the crisper drawers. We caught him doing this once, and then stopped him from climbing once we saw he was going to break all the drawers. You can imagine how well THAT went over. So now he walks to the fridge, tries to open it, turns to me or John and babbles (I translate it as "Hello? I want to climb inside the fridge now, and I can't seem to open the door, so I need you to open it"). And when we either ignore him or tell him we aren't going to open the fridge, he has a tantrum. (This whole 13 month tantrum phase is just lovely, let me tell you) [sigh] I should really get some sleep.


emma said...

I don't even get to see the outside of your house!!?? Pretty please! :) Hang in there - moving is one of the most stressful times in life - take it easy & take lots of breaks - try to have reasonable goals - like most of the stuff out of boxes in like 5 years ;-). Where's the new place?

Jen said...

Oh. Oops. lol. I guess a picture of the outside WOULD make sense now, wouldn't it? ;-)