Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House Tour- Part 3 (Last one for today, I swear!)

I would have gone outside, but when Eric sees a door open, he becomes euphoric and races to go out. And if I, God forbid, try and stop him he throws a tantrum like you've never seen.

So this is why there's a flash. :-) This is the right side of the deck. The left side is a covered, screened-in patio. And behind the patio outside is a great swing-set.

A better picture of the dining room and hutch.

A better picture of the kitchen. I wish I could show the granite counters-I love them! (And, yes, that's Eric eating magnets)

Our living room... no toys! Oh wait... Eric found my computer.

And he also found... what IS that?

OK, that's it. It takes a while for me to find the time to take the pictures, then upload them, then post them... Well, you guys understand. :-) Plus the upstairs has boxes [gasp!]. (Please John, get the office done!)

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