Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Nothing makes me crazier. You know your kids are tired. In the case of Eric, you know he's exhausted because he's hitting everything in sight and screaming in your face. In the case of Rachel... errr... well, I think this chick is an insomniac.

So you put them in their respective cribs and pray they sleep. Eric is usually pretty good about napping, but today he has decided that he would rather roll around and yell baby babble at the monitor. And Rachel... Lord. She's been up since 7:30am. Wide awake, not cranky or crying. Why did I have to birth the only baby who switched to a one nap cycle at the age of 3 months? She drives me crazy. But I'm trying to be optimistic- maybe she'll sleep through the night tonight.

Laurie (who felt like baking cookies this afternoon... I would never be so bold) will be leaving at 5pm tonight. John doesn't get home until 7. God help me. Two overtired, overstimulated kids.


Anonymous said...

I love you honey, but you have a girl. Let me direct you to this post on my blog from January, when Evie was 3.5 months old:

Yep. It sucks. I complained all the time, and I wasn't even parenting an 18-month-old at the time. I'm so glad you have Lori there!!! Give her a big thank-you hug from me tomorrow.

Leigh Anne said...

I am dealing with this right now! I can hear my 2 year old upstairs kicking his crib trying to keep himself awake. All the while I am praying he doesn't wake the 5 month old! Oh the life of a mother!