Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Woodrow the White House Mouse...

is the new bane of my existence. Eric loves this book. I am reading it to him so many times during the day that I literally dream of reading the book at night. And since Rachel continues to wake up for an early morning feeding, I appreciate my dreams not sucking.

It's a cool book actually. It outlines the powers of the executive branch and gives children a colorful tour of the White House from the point of view of a newly elected President mouse and his family. It sounds boring, but it's a cute book. And as a former social studies teacher I wish I had a copy of this when I was desperately trying to get my ESL students to pass the standardized test for American Government.

Eric has actually said "Woodrow." And when I ask Eric to point to Woodrow, he can point him out on the cover and on every page.

But he won't say "mama." I'll tell him, "Eric, say 'mama!'" And he smiles and says, "Dada!"

Either my son is mentally challenged or enjoys screwing with me.

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Anonymous said...

He's definitely messing with you, the smart little stinker. I can't wait until Evie is obsessed with books! I know the particular book(s) she chooses to love best will annoy me, but just the concept of her loving them will be thrilling. These days she just barely tolerates them. There are many more fun things to do with her time...like bashing her head and making me carry her around everywhere.