Friday, February 4, 2011

The 100 Day Challenge- Day 1: "15 Facts"

My friend Laurie put me up to this. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Actually, my life is quite boring and don't have a lot to write about. Eric is still potty-trained during the day, and I'm not even ready to consider tackling the night-time battle yet. At any given time at least someone in this family is ill and has been since Thanksgiving. So unless anyone wants to read about poop or snot, I think I need to change tactics. :-)

The 100 day challenge is like this- every day has a theme and each theme is accompanied by a picture. [sigh] I know... I won't be able to keep this up. Can't hurt to try though.

Today's theme is a picture of myself with 15 facts. How mundane. Let me see if I can make this interesting...

1- I am the type of person people either love or hate because I'm brutally honest and tend to offend people easily. Just ask my ex-boyfriends' mothers. :-) Or my ex-boyfriends for that matter. OK, honestly? Anyone who knows me can vouch. See that picture up there? I pushed kids out of my way so I could ride the cool dragon instead of the lame horses (OK, maybe not pushed per se, but definitely wouldn't let the little buggers cut in front of me while waiting in line).

2- I am a roller coaster junkie. The higher and faster the better.

3- I have a mild form of OCD. My newest obsession? A show called Human Target that airs on Fox. Actually, the show sucks this season, but I love the character called Guerrero mostly because he's unapologetic, pragmatic, wonderfully sarcastic, and does things like casually electrocuting someone to make a point. Since the show probably won't get renewed for a third season, I wonder what new obsession I will find once it's done.

4- I have loved American football since I joined the pep band for the Frankfurt Galaxy in 1991- the first year of the "World Football League" later called the "NFL-Europe" which has now defunct.

5- I don't believe in soul mates. I think everyone can control who they fall in love with, it's simply a question of following your head over your heart and of will-power. If I had to be completely honest though, I think I've felt this way since finding and losing my "soul-mate" at a tender age (don't feel bad for me guys; he was a total dick).

6- My spiritual history is quite... unique. I was raised in a Baptist church, but studied Islam in college. In 1998 I went through RCIA and became a Roman Catholic. Two years later I joined an African-American evangelical church and became a "born-again" Christian.

7-I think I am the only born-again Christian in America who is also a strong democrat.

8- In the autumn of 2003 I moved to Japan to be a missionary. I sucked at it. I feel strongly about sharing God's love with people, but could never find it in myself to actively persuade them to adopt my beliefs. I came back to the States a year later, but met the best friend of my life while I was living in Hamamatsu. I even proposed to her. She didn't accept though. Thankfully, I follow #5 so it didn't hurt our friendship. Much. ;->

9- I met my husband while I was dating his best friend in college. Even though I thought John was hot, I also came to the conclusion that he was too immature to date... that is, until we reconnected after my return from Japan in 2004.

10-The happiest time of my life was when I was living in Frankfurt, Germany in 1991. If you think reading that was depressing, try writing it! :-)

11-My favorite pet is a pet snake. I've had 2 pet snakes since college and think they are low maintenance and cute.

12- My favorite place in the world is Tokyo, Japan with the exception of Roppongi after dark. My best friend from factoid #8 and I ended up accidentally walking into an S & M club while looking for food because my crazy, vegetarian best friend didn't want to eat Japanese food during the entire trip (??!!). Seeing a salary man collared and being led on a chain is permanently etched into my memory. Makes for a good story though.

13-I almost lost my left foot through amputation when I had cellulitis as a 22 year-old in college. I still have the purple scar tissue in my ankle. I've had similar infections three more times since then, though none quite as serious.

14-I have suffered from trichotillomania since I was about fourteen.

15-I sometimes have fantasies of getting in my car and just driving away from my crazy life for a few weeks, having no responsibilities and feeling free. I am such an Aquarius. :-)
Unfortunately, John would know exactly where to find me. :-)

Now you know more about me. And I feel like I've just emotionally flashed a multitude of strangers. Putting so much personal information on such a public forum? Guerrero would be displeased... ;-)

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The Goodwin's said...

I have been trying to find a list of the days 1-100, but not having any luck. Can you help me out?? I would love to do this on my own blog!! Thanks!!!