Monday, February 7, 2011

Something I'd Like to Do Again... Day 4

Today's theme is something I would like to do again. Mariko (my crazy friend from Japan) and I are posing in front of the National Cathedral. This was two years ago in July. Our friend Ky, whom we also met while in Japan, was visiting. My folks came up for the weekend to help John with Eric, and I went to M's apartment near Georgetown to stay with Mariko, Ky, and friends for the whole weekend! Without kids! Just hanging out for the entire weekend. It was wonderful. I think I stayed up until 4am talking to everyone. It was like being back in college, only without the hangovers and term papers. Unbeknownst to me I was about 3 weeks pregnant with Rachel.

This was one of the few pictures I took that weekend, but every time I see it I am reminded of how free I felt. I would love to do something like that again. It's hard enough to get some time to yourself with one child; it's darn near impossible with two. But I hope one day when the kids get older to visit friends and maybe even travel again.

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