Sunday, February 20, 2011

They Might Be Giants

The title will leave some smiling and others perplexed. Today's challenge is a picture of your favorite band, and They Might Be Giants (or TMBG) is geek rock at its finest. Picture Bare Naked Ladies only less Canadian with a trumpet and accordion. I'm not exactly sure TMBG is my favorite band because my taste in musical genres and groups is so eclectic. This picture was taken from the TMBG fan site.

This band has stalked me throughout my teens and twenties, but in a pleasant, non-threatening way. I first heard their albums once I moved back to Virginia in 1992 (no MP3s back then, people). I discovered their music thanks to my group of friends in high school. Our welcoming cliche were quite a strange ensemble and by that I mean we sat around on weekends talking about Clinton's presidency instead of getting trashed like the majority of our classmates.

While I was in the Virginia pep band, "Road Movie To Berlin" became our anthem of sorts as one line says "Seek out this glass of bourbon..." University of Virginia students drink bourbon, except for people who make the mistake of dating certain drunks that decide to down their "4th-Year Fifth" of Jim Beam on an empty stomach. Those people drink tequila. :-) (Ugh. To this day I can't stomach the fumes without also smelling the accompanying bile, blood, and vomit that went with that particular sleepless night of hell).

In my twenties, I went to TMBG concerts with my boyfriend. Picture hundreds of mostly-sober white geeks who can't dance. Now picture them crowded together in dingy clubs, jumping up and down simultaneously all while singing off-key. Those were the days...

TMBG now does children's music in addition to the alternative rock that I love. They even won a Grammy award for their album "Here Come the 123s." I've never heard it, but it's kind-of comforting to think that my favorite band has gone through the same stages of life- marriage, kids- at the same time as me.

So thanks TMBG for all the great music and for all the memories.

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