Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad Mommy

Today's challenge is my biggest insecurity. This wasn't tough at all. I am terrified that I'm a bad mother.

When the kids scream for ten minutes straight, when I yell at them, when I swat their butts in anger, when my friends tell me how fast their kids are progressing, when I read books by multi-millionaire mothers with 2.4 "gifted" kids who can play 5 instruments and are choosing which Ivy League college to attend... all these things make me wonder if I'm doing it right. I know there's technically no "right" way to parent, but that's not what all the best-selling parenting books tell me.

It's not hard to bring out a mother's insecurities.


Jen said...

I have the same insecurities too. When my children act out, I try to remain calm, but then they continue on, that is when I get upset and either yell, swat, or time out them. I have those types of days all the time, so don't feel like you are a bad mom. We all have those days. *hugs*

Kelly said...

Someone told me once that if I was not a good Mommy (because come on.. we ALL have bad mommy moments) I would not be worried about being a good Mommy.
You are a great Mommy!!! Love you!