Monday, May 23, 2011

What's worse than fighting zombies?

Besides fighting zombie-alien hybrids...??

The answer is: Potty-training a strong-willed child.

So much worse than fighting the undead. Especially if you have Vin Diesel to help you fight the undead.

If you haven't read the last couple of posts on this blog, you must be so confused...

I decided to start tackling potty-training with Rachel. She's almost 26 months old and is currently obsessed with potty books and videos. I reasoned that this would be the perfect time. I followed my friend Karen's advice and placed a potty next to the changing table so Rachel would begin to associate what goes on in her diaper with what should go on in the potty. After I change Rachel, I let her sit on the potty for as long as she wants.

Maybe one of these days she'll actually figure things out. Because right now, Rachel thinks having the potty next to the changing table is the best game EVER!! After changing her, she sits naked on the potty for about 0.08 seconds. Then she cries with delight and races into her brother's room. Before I can catch her, she is flailing around buck-naked on his bed while laughing hysterically.

While all this is going on, Eric has dropped trou and is actually using Rachel's potty. Which means I now have to clean that up and pray that Eric doesn't regress into only using little training potties again since he is also pretty strong-willed.

After I am finally done helping Eric dump his mess into the real toilet, Rachel usually decides that the carpeted floor is the perfect place to pee, clean potty be damned.

I totally get how some parents have their 7 year-old still in diapers. I am still having nightmares about starting bedtime training...

Fighting zombies? WAY easier...

P.S. Can I just say that seeing "zombies," "potty-training," and "Vin Diesel" all in ONE label for a blog post is totally awesome!

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Anonymous said...

So predictable! Evie loves being "nakey jakey" too...for her it was a big part of potty training that she got to run around naked quite a bit at first. Fun! Sounds like things are going least she's not crying about sitting on the potty like some kids do. We started the process earlier with Evie (when she was 1) and didn't train in earnest until she was 29 months, and she sat on the potty a LOT at first with no results, but that time that Rachel does manage to pee in the potty just be ready to throw a party and make an impression on her when you have the chance. Actually, peeing on the carpet is probably a useful learning tool for her because it's teaching her that pee comes out of her body so she can start to link the sensation of a full bladder with the pee that comes out, which is hard for some kids to grasp when they are in diapers. Maybe let her have a few accidents in the kitchen where it's easier to clean up?