Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hard Ball

John and I didn't get the house. We gave a good offer, but the counter was given with a 2 page eloquent sob story about how they couldn't go lower than their counter offer. This actually wouldn't have been bad, but they started netpicking on the contract and then changed the settlement date to less than a month away! Inbetween 2 major holidays we would have had to get financing, cash in a CD early, order inspections... you get the idea. They had some renters lined up and just didn't seem willing to negotiate.

But there's always a silver lining. My mom found another house that I like even more (I'm fickle, I know. Sue me). It is cheaper, more updated, and larger. The occupants are relocating in two months. So John and my in-laws and I will be looking at that house on Saturday. The only downside is that the school district isn't stellar. John has issues with this. I personally feel that as long as my kids aren't going to school in the ghetto, it'll all work out.

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