Monday, November 17, 2008 Sucks

Karen gave me some good news yesterday evening as I was driving to Walgreens to buy my poor, sick husband some cold medicine. had the Britax Marathon car seat on sale for $43. For those of you without little tots, the Britax car seat is one of the best car seats you can buy. Unfortunately, they cost about $280. So you can imagine what happened. Karen ordered 14. I ordered one. And then I emailed my mom's group to let others know about this great deal.

Then this evening I got the email I was warned by a mom from my group that I would get- has cancelled my order due to an "error in pricing." I understand their position, but I have to say Target just lost a LOT of money. And they suck.

(P.S. Don't ask about what's happening on the housing front. It's just too depressing. I'll try and write more later)

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