Friday, November 14, 2008

It's a girl!!!

Found out this morning that John and I will be having a baby girl in early April. Our due date hasn't technically changed but she was measuring for a due date on Palm Sunday (1 day before her original due date). More importantly, everything looks normal. So now we're excited, and I'm in the process of pleading with John to buy a Care Bear nursery. He's completely against this. [sigh] I think it's rather cute and one of the few "girlie" bedroom sets I like.

Or we thought about reusing the gender neutral Pooh set for the girl and buying Eric a new boy bedroom set. Any thoughts??


Anonymous said...

or you can have my pink Pooh bumper pad to girl up the Pooh set :) I think I have to take it off the crib by March anyhow because Evie will start pulling up and standing on it?

Congratulations!!!!! Wish we lived closer so that Evie and your girlie could be friends. :(

Jen said...

We still have our bumper pad in the crib as Eric finds ways to hurl himself into the sides head-first. :-(