Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I need to buy a new car seat...

I just found out today that Eric has outgrown his infant car seat. Grrrr.... I'm reading a parenting magazine about making sure to check the weight and height requirements on your infant car seat. I thought our weight limit was 25 pounds. Turns out it's 22. And Eric has pretty much outgrown the height limit too. BTW- anyone who's considering buying an infant seat, esp. those "travel systems..." just don't. Get a convertible car seat like the Britax Marathon and spend the extra cash so you can use it for years. Now I have to make a trip to Target tomorrow. I guess John will have to install this when he gets home from work because not giving Eric your undivided attention is just aa bad idea.

Of course I want to talk more about this, but A)I'm tired, and B)John was watching Jimmy Kimmel on youtube and now I have the song "I'm f-ing Matt Damon" going through my head. Bloody youtube. But seriously, if you need a good laugh, you have to watch these in order. It certainly made my day.

Sarah part (NSFW) [Dear Mom, it means "Not safe for work." So... just don't. Seriously.]
Jimmy part (NSFW)

(Where does John get the time to FIND these things???)

I know that most moms probably wouldn't put this on their blog. I blame pregnancy hormones. And I'd like to think that by the time my kids are old enough to see my blog, it will be redone and totally innocent.


Anonymous said...

Ack! I'm so mad the Target car seat thing didn't work for you. Argh.

But...I can't believe you are only now seeing the "Fing Matt Damon" video! That came out ages ago! It is evil...just keeps playing in your mind over and over. The "D*** in a box" video is the same way (I'm sure you saw that one).

Jen said...

LOL. Yes I did. Thanks. At least I don't have the Matt Damon song in my head anymore. :-)

BTW- I bought a Britax Marathon today. Not impressed at all. Check out my next post. :-)