Monday, November 24, 2008

Karen or Erin?

John had decided on naming our daughter Erin. Before I get blasted for marrying a male chauvinist, let me explain: when I was pregnant with Eric I told John that I always had a strong preference for boys' names but not girls'. Similarly, John felt that way about girls' names but not boys.' So we decided that if Eric was a boy, I would pick his name. John would have veto rights over the first name if he hated it, and he would also pick the middle name. So this time around it's reversed.

So this time around when we found out we were having a girl, John had the task of coming up with a name. He liked the name Erin and would have named Eric that if he had been a girl. But now with a boy named Eric, it is tough to name a girl who's born a mere 15 months later "Erin." Especially when her mom and dad are "Jen and John." So... maybe too cute? Plus, we like the middle name Elizabeth as this is our moms' middle name. Can't do "Erin Elizabeth;" her initials would be "EEL."

The other name John and I are considering is Karen. This would mean we could use Elizabeth as a middle name and not have the "Eric/Erin" factor. We like the name Erin better; however, another cool thing about Karen is this would mean that our daughter would be named after one of my best friends. And her initials would be "KEL." Two of my closest friends from high school in Germany are named Kelly.

I put up a poll, and I would really appreciate anyone and everyone's opinion. The name Julia is a favorite of John's, which is why that is there. If anyone has their own idea, we would welcome that as a comment. With a last name like "Loizeaux" we are trying to keep things simple. :-)


Kelly said...

I actually like Julia the best, but out of the 3 Karen would be next. Naming a child is so difficult! Eric and I never could agree on a boys name. It is a good thing we had two girls!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, that is so sweet. I'm weepy. I think that John and Jen and Eric and Erin is cutesy, but not in a bad way. I don't think Julia is good because Eric would be the odd-man-out w/o a "J" name. You still have lots of time to think about it, so don't rush into a name yet. I like Madeleine, but then again I was also pushing for Jean or Pierre for Eric. :) ;) :D

Jen said...

Karen- Too bad "Madeleine" is too long. It's beautiful name but not with a last name that's complicated enough! :-)

Mariko said...

i like all of those names. ;)