Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Babies R Us Craziness

So today I had to go to Babies R Us to buy a shower gift for friends of DH and I. They are having a co-ed BBQ baby shower, which I think is an awesome idea and I hope that Eric's napping patterns work out for that day. I swear he is the only baby in the world who *doesn't* sleep in the car...

I was looking forward to a fun trip because Eric loves Babies R Us. I call it "the baby fun store" and he smiles when I put him in his car seat. He usually has a happy time there. Except today. Because today I decided to put him in the front of the cart while I shopped. I'm now in my second trimester (don't get me started about this surprising second pregnancy so quickly after my first) and couldn't use the gray Baby Bjorn (it KILLS your back). As soon as I put him in the seat, he started squirming. Even though he's 9 months, I couldn't use the baby seat cart because it only goes to 18 pounds and my little piggy weighs over 20. And because he's so thin, he spent the entire time slipping down while I tried fruitlessly to keep pulling him up.

So here I am... juggling my huge diaper bag, pulling my baby up with one hand every few minutes, and trying to read my friend's registry while Eric is trying to eat it (if anyone out there can tell me where to find a goat Halloween outfit for him, let me know). He was as patient as a baby could be, but then he had had enough. Especially since I wouldn't let him eat the registry. Let's just say... I've never read a registry so quickly in my life. And what really irked me was all the stares I got. Granted, most women who shop at Babies R Us are expectant mothers. I think I have seen maybe one mom with a child at the store I go to. It's funny... when you have never had a baby, it's so easy to judge moms. I've been there. But once you have a child, you finally realize children can't be controlled and that there are no guarantees, especially when you're out in public. Maybe this is why I never see moms in Babies R Us... :-)

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Anonymous said...

I already talked to you about this on the phone, so I won't repeat myself. Just had to mention that I *hate* reading registries. Why are they so hard to decipher? Even Target, which is good about most things, has bad registry print-offs.