Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What IS it with all this vomiting?

I was planning on writing about what a great day I had with Eric today. He learned how to clap for the first time and imitates you when you start clapping. It's very cute. I had to clean the downstairs wood floors today, so I started Swiffering (I wasn't sure how he would take the vacuum). He would chase the Swiffer as I dusted the floor, which was hilarious... until he caught the Swiffer. Don't want him putting yet MORE things in his mouth he shouldn't eat.

But later tonight, everything took a turn for the worst. DH and I fed him solids, which he ate well. But he was so tired. I think he napped for maybe two hours total today. So by 7:30 we figured it was time for his bath. After his bath, we dried him off and gave him his last 8 oz. bottle. After drinking that he started sucking his thumb which usually means he's still hungry. I shouted for DH to make another bottle. And then, it happened. Eric looked right at me and puked all over me. Then he started crying. As I was comforting him, he puked again. This time he did it right in my mouth. This would have been funny after the fact, IF I weren't pregnant and getting sick all the time, and IF it had been DH and not me.

But that made me start vomiting. At least I made it to the bathroom. And poor DH had to clean up Eric, the floor, the rocking chair... what a guy.

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Anonymous said...

Gross! Ugh. That would make me throw up even if I weren't PG. You're right, it would be a much better story to tell if it had happened to someone else! :)