Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bad Horse

OK... If anyone reading this is a fan of Joss Wheedon, then you are probably familiar with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog I really, REALLY wanted to find a horse costume for Eric and dress him up as "Bad Horse." I thought this would be hilarious and witty. The problem is, no one would know he was "Bad Horse" unless I had a Dr. Horrible T-shirt or something to signify that's what Eric was dressed as. Otherwise, he just looks like... a horse.

Well, every T-shirt is sold out. I can't find anything on Ebay, that glorious life-saver for procrastinators like me. So, I have given up on the "Bad Horse" idea.

Today I had a "play date" with a woman from my mom's group online. This involves the two of us meeting at Dulles Town Center and chatting as we strolled our infants through the mall. We ended up in the Disney Store. I don't know why, it goes against my cynical nature, but I love the Disney Store. I love Disneyworld. I can't wait to take Eric and Baby X there someday.

But Eric must take after his father because as soon as we entered the store, he starts crying. Then he puked. BUT he did start squealing in delight at the Donald Duck Halloween costume. I thought, 'we have a winner,' bought the fluffy thing, and got the heck out of there before he started projectile vomiting on the Mickey Mouse costumes. I love the Donald Duck, but it has no leggings, no footies... And it'll be cold that night. This is what I get for impulse buying. Now I have to find white tights. For a baby boy. In October.

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