Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why won't he SLEEP???

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing your baby is tired and yet he/she refuses to nap! I really hate this 9 month sleep-strike, separation anxiety phase. Please God, let it pass soon... Yesterday he had an hour morning nap. [shrug] He usually naps for one to two hours in the morning, so no big deal. But from 11:45am until he went to sleep at 8pm, do you know how long he napped?? [drumroll please] 10 minutes. Ten freakin' minutes??!!! This child is seriously sleep deprived, and I wish I knew how to help. P.S. Nighttime Orajel doesn't work.

So today I had my second appointment at the Birthing Center. DH came with me this time around. I want him to be a part of this, not only for helping with Eric but for moral support. I have to time these appointments around Eric's nap schedule because he almost never sleeps in the car (makes going out ridiculously difficult). Our appointment was at 10am. By 10:30, we still hadn't seen a midwife, which was unusual, and Eric was getting fussy which meant my husband was getting impatient. He did take the morning off to come with me, but the entire time I think he was mentally calculating the hours he would need to work in order to make up his time. I felt guilty even asking him to come. After the appointment was over, he told me he felt left out by the midwife and wanted to know why I hadn't scheduled blood work, and why I scheduled another morning appointment... I know I should have been patient. I know I should have been sympathetic. But I'm pregnant and hormonal and wasn't in the mood to deal with him being cranky. Not with a baby in the back-seat who was cranky too. I flipped. Then the water works started...

Makes me look forward to next month's appointment.

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